‘Designed by Logisticians for Logisticians’

Our online courses are aimed at providing a basic awareness and understanding of the Global GDP Guidelines, and are available for companies and individuals within the Supply Chain and Pharmaceutical Logistics Industry. For greater depth knowledge we recommend our 1 Day in house GDP Training and for logistics companies that are looking for RP (Responsible Person) Training we have a 2-Day course tailor specially to your requirements for becoming a RP with Logistics Operations. 


Each course consists of Modules, which you can work through at your own pace, giving you the freedom and flexibility to fit it into your own work schedule.

At the end of the course you will be presented with an assessment, which enables us to confirm your understanding and provide you with a certificate of completion. This can then become an essential part of your CPD file.



The GDP for Transport Operations is aimed specifically at drivers, warehouse staff working within the Supply Chain. We have created this course to highlight areas of which drivers need to be particularly aware.

The course takes around 1 hour to complete, and includes a multiple choice assessment at the end.


The GDP for Logistics provides comprehensive overview of the Global GDP Guidelines. It is an excellent introduction for all personnel involved in the handling of Medicinal products as well as a great way of refreshing awareness in staff who have previously completed training in this area.

The course takes around 3 hour to complete, and includes a multiple choice assessment at the end


We are proud of the variety of training we provide, and so we want to ensure that whenever you purchase training from us it will meet your exact needs. Which is why you cannot purchase any of our online courses direct from the website.

If you are interested in any of the above courses, please get in touch with us so that we can have a chat with you. This will enable us to assess your training needs, and also provides you with an opportunity to get to know us and ask any questions you may have.

It’s quick and easy to contact us using either our contact form or emailing us at

Once we are sure that the course meets your needs and you are happy to proceed, we will invoice you directly and arrange access to the training.



How do I access the course?

All our online training courses are hosted using our robust Learning Management System.

Once we have received payment for the course, you will be sent an email with login details for ASC Online courses. You will be asked to register as a learner and provided access to the “learner dashboard”.

From the learner dashboard you will be able to access your course, as well as any supporting material. This is also where you will find any assessments associated with your course.

Do I have to complete the course in one session?

No, it is possible to complete any of our online courses in one sitting, but this is not a requirement.

You can log in and out of ASC Online as many times as you like for the 30 day period you have access to the training.

What happens if I get stuck and need help?

You can contact us at any time, by emailing our course administrator on

Our course admin will be able to assist you with any technical difficulties, and will forward any training specific requests to one of our Course Facilitators.

What happens if I do not pass the course assessment?

The assessments have been created in order to ensure the most crucial parts of the training have been fully understood, and so it is important that you achieve the pass rate of 100%.

You will be given 2 attempts to achieve the pass rate. All of the answers are included within the course, and so we suggest that if you fail on your first attempt you go through the course a second time before retaking the assessment.

If after 2 attempts you still haven’t achieved the pass rate, we will contact you to discuss how we can help you to understand the training and achieve your certificate.