Certified Excellence: ASC Associates Ltd Pioneers GDP Program for Pharmaceutical Logistics in Partnership with PCSC

New Jersey, USA, 4th April 2024 – ASC Associates Ltd, a leading provider of supply chain solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Program. This innovative initiative, developed in collaboration with the HDA’s Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition (PCSC), marks a significant milestone in enhancing supply chain integrity and efficiency within the pharmaceutical industry. The program is designed to strengthen the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain and set new industry standards. ASC Associates Ltd, a trusted name in GDP program design and training, is the driving force behind this accreditation, ensuring that participants meet recognized operational and training criteria.

The GDP Accreditation was unveiled at the HDA’s PCSC Educational Seminar in Whippany, N.J., on 4th April 2024. It offers a comprehensive assessment process that aligns with European standards and endorsed criteria from the PCSC. Companies that complete the rigorous training phase receive accreditation that is valid for two years, with an option for renewal, ensuring ongoing compliance and proficiency.

DeSpir Logistics, a leading 3PL Logistics Provider, has not only completed the program but has also become the first recipient of the accreditation. This remarkable achievement serves as a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating the efficacy of the program in aligning existing supply chain security and quality best practices.

“GDP Accreditation” is a groundbreaking initiative that is poised to transform the transportation and logistics sector in the United States. This program offers companies a unique opportunity to improve their supply chain practices, which can significantly enhance their operations and service offerings. According to Amy Shortman, the Founder and EVP of Product Marketing at ASC, pharmaceutical companies require high trust when entrusting valuable cargo to a transportation company. As a result, they tend to prefer working with logistics partners that adhere to the best supply chain compliance and security practices and have been certified by an independent entity. Extending the pharmaceutical companies’ quality standards downstream to logistics partners, creates an invaluable system of trust and efficiency in the industry.

Henry Moran, COO of ASC Associates Ltd and advisory board member of PCSC, praised the collaborative effort behind the program’s development and its potential to enhance supply chain resilience. Moran commended DeSpir Logistics for its pioneering role and highlighted the programme’s broader impact on industry stakeholders.

ASC Associates Ltd’s GDP Program offers unparalleled training and accreditation for companies seeking to elevate their supply chain practices and safeguard product quality and integrity. For more information, please visit hda-and-pcsc-announce-launch-of-gdp-accreditation-program.

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