To us, supply chains aren’t just about getting from a to b, they’re about attention to detail.

Quality and integrity start in the lab. Medicinal products are manufactured in a highly regulated and controlled environment. This must be maintained throughout the supply chain, in order to ensure products reach the end user with their safety and efficacy intact.

Slight changes to the temperature or humidity of a shipment can damage sensitive medicines, making them unsafe or less effective. Which is why it is vital that every aspect of the supply chain, from lab to patient, is meticulously planned.

ensuring product integrity is maintained throughout the supply chain – failure is not an option

We have extensive experience within the field of Temperature Controlled Logistics, and are ready to support you and your team in assessing, improving, and maintaining your supply chain.


Developing Compliant Pharmaceutical supply chains:

  • Lane validations,
  • Shipping studies
  • Supply chain design for Temperature Sensitive, High Value Goods.
  • Operational capabilities of handling Temperature Sensitive Products.
  • We provide knowledge on the capability of Temperature Controlled Packaging systems.
  • Temperature Mapping
  • Packaging Qualification
  • Calibration Services