The Challenge Ahead – PCSC Seminar Review

On 4th and 5th April, the PCSC hosted its annual seminar, in New Jersey USA.  We were delighted and honoured to be asked to make a presentation on “Good Distribution Practice and Supply Chain Security – an integration”.

The presentation discussed how risk management in the life science logistics chain is managed in many ways, including Good Distribution Practice and Supply Chain Security.

Managing Risk

Risk management was the theme of the Seminar. We heard from retired 4-star General Gus Perna, who was tasked with managing the logistics of Operation Warp Speed.

The Pharmaceutical Security Institute presented their most recent data in regards pharmaceutical crime incidents highlighting the increasing risks associated with theft, diversion, and counterfeit cases.

Travelers Insurance, Scott Cornell, presented on the increasing risk of fictious pickups and carrier identify theft.  Highlighting the lengths that criminals will go to in obtaining high value shipments.

A highly experienced team from Overhaul, gave a behind the scenes overview of how a cargo theft recovery is performed.  The interactive presentation provided an excellent insight into how risks are handled and managed.


Barry McDonogh, Tru Tag Technologies described how technology is being developed and used to reduce the risk of counterfeit drugs in the legitimate Supply Chain.

Cassandra Gaines, owner Carrier Assure Inc, demonstrated the value of the Carrier Assure platform in regards carrier selection. By using a weighted scoring system, the software reduces the risk of choosing to work with the wrong carrier.

New technology is very much at the forefront of our industry, Rob Robertson-Boyd from Cardinal Health, described how the use of drones has been trialled to deliver medicines to certain locations in the US.

Industry Updates

We heard from Andrew Boyle, incoming chairperson of the American Trucking Association, and Alexandra Shirk, Research Associate, American Transportation Research Institute in regards the current state of the US trucking industry and the challenges it faces in regards costs and risks.

The seminar was honoured to receive a presentation from Jaime Rocafuerte and Andrew Solarsh from US Customs, with respect to the amazing work that the JFK mail centre does in preventing illegal shipments from arriving in the USA.

The seminar concluded with two industry updates the first from Alan Gear, Chairperson of TAPA America on the introduction of the TAPA Supply Chain Security Standards Programme. And then, what is now the tradition, Pete Mento provided is with a Global industry Trade Update.

Key learnings, managing risk is multifaceted, technology is the future, but we can still learn from the past.

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