Importance of Supply Chain Security

ASC Highlights The Importance of Supply Chain Security in PMPS Magazine

Back in June, Henry Moran, our Chief Operating Officer, wrote about his experience of the FlyPharma Conference. Attending the conference had been a great opportunity for ASC Associates to network with others working in the Pharmaceutical Logistics Industry, and Henry came back full of passion for the work that we do to help manufacturers, third party logistics providers, and airlines to achieve excellence throughout the supply chain.

One of the areas that Henry highlighted in his post was the fact that, whilst there is a great focus on Temperature Management within the supply chain, security is often overlooked. We’re pleased to announce that this observation has been shared in the latest edition of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer Magazine (PMPS), which you can read here. Henry is mentioned on page 50, in the article about the FlyPharma Conference 2016, which you can also see below.

ASC Associates Supply Chain Security PMPS

We’re looking forward to attending the FlyPharma Conference again next year, when it will be held on 6-7th June 2017 in Brussels. Why not head over to their site and register your interest, so that you receive the most up-to-date information straight into your inbox?

And if you’re interested in working with us to review your supply chain security, check out the services we offer or contact us for more information.