Global Supply Chain Security Program delivered

Although the logistics industry is becoming more regulated, pharmaceutical and high-value shipments face global threats. Our company can guide the most effective measures for securing logistics and supply chain, whether it involves reducing the risk of supply chain theft, diversion, or counterfeit. We prioritize the protection of your finished product, components, and API.

We do more than protect your products; we protect your reputation

As new threats emerge, it is essential to ensure that your supply chain can withstand and mitigate these challenges. We understand how crucial it is to deal with the constantly changing challenges in the logistics industry,  and acknowledge that your network of partners, as well as your product and team, is unique. This is why we work closely with your team to align ourselves with your goals and provide our expertise and experience. Creating a best-in-class supply chain security program can be a challenging task,  with over one hundred years of experience in the industry, our team is here to assess your unique network, provide advice on how to improve it and support your team in implementing and maintaining the program. We can help; whether you need assistance creating a new program or reviewing an existing one. 

Supply Chain Security Program Design


Our program takes an agile approach, simultaneously incorporating the best industry examples and ensure that compliance with industry standards is met and often exceeded. We can also provide ongoing support as an external resource to your team. Our extensive experience in Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVAs), investigations, and due diligence of stakeholders enables us to offer independent supply chain security audits of your network.