Leading Minds Network Series

ASC Associates are pleased to be supporting the upcoming Leading Minds Network Series.  Henry Moran, will be facilitating two sessions on 22nd February and 1st March.

In the session on 22nd February we will be looking at the topic of Product Integrity and exploring the challenges the industry faces with respect to Global Distribution.  We look to answers questions in regards product security, temperature management, product visibility and the increasing regulatory requirements. Details of the session can be found here:

Maintaining Product Integrity in a Global Supply Chain

On the 1st March, our discussions will be about end to end visibility and risk management.  We will be discussing how we can use technology to reduce risk, across a supply chain increasingly global in nature.

Risk-based Logistics for End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility

For full details on all of the “Temperature Controlled Tuesdays” sessions please click here

The Leading Minds Network is a community that seeks to foster innovation, honest discussions, ideas and best practices, so that the collective experiences of the community can be shared for the greater good. Members shares stories with industry peers who are implementing solutions today, overcoming regulatory hurdles or operational roadblocks, even organizational changes.