ASC Presentation at PCSC Conference 2017 GDP and Supply Chain Security

Thoughts on the PCSC Conference 2017

Well what can I say? Another year passes and another PCSC conference delivers (again). Honestly, this educational conference gets better and better every time. The PCSC is a non-profit organisation made up of all the stakeholders in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain. Its key goal is preventing theft of pharmaceuticals product whilst in transit.

This year’s conference was hosted by Novartis at their beautiful East Hanover site, New Jersey, and was chaired by PCSC Chairman and industry guru Chuck Forsaith. Chuck put together a stellar programme of presentations that encapsulated why this event is so well respected within the industry. With over 300 professionals in attendance, this event excels over and above any other is its open, honest and challenging discussion.

The standards were high with regards to presenters, however there are no titles on name badges, and there’s absolutely no “speaker” hierarchy; at this conference everyone’s knowledge and experience is valued equally. The warmth and openness that Chuck himself portrays was evident in those he selected to share information, and the strict codes of conduct that prohibit solicitation or selling meant that everyone felt at ease.

The focus of the entire event is on sharing insight and expertise, and we had passionate presentations from all four corners of the globe, with a strong theme of the public/private partnership joining forces to reduce theft within the Pharmaceutical Industry.

ASC Presentation at PCSC Conference 2017 GDP and Supply Chain Security Case Study

ASC were privileged to be asked to present at the conference, and our presentation was warmly received. We highlighted the similarities between GDP and Supply Chain Security, providing insight into how the EU, America, and the rest of the world implement GDP and security practices. Amy Shortman, CEO of ASC says:

“the focus within the US is predominately within Supply Chain Security, whereas the EU has been focusing on Temperature. Both of these are covered within GDP, and so creating a global standard that includes all aspects required to keep products safe and effective is important”.

A shout out must go to Chuck and Carmen who organise, administer, and execute the event without even breaking a sweat! We’re already looking forward to 2018….