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ASC Associates Celebrates One Year as a Limited Company

Celebrating Our First Year as ASC Associates Ltd

On 24th November 2015 ASC officially became a limited company known as ASC Associates. Our CEO, Amy Shortman, initially launched the company in 2011, but decided to expand it last year to better reflect the successful partnerships being developed through our work with both clients and associates.

This past year has been an incredible one for us at ASC Associates. We have: expanded our team of experts; embarked on a strategic alliance with Socrates; and worked with a wide range of clients, supporting them to achieve excellence throughout the supply chain. We have also had the pleasure of attending several conferences, and seen our expert opinion published within the industry press.

All of this has inspired us to explore even more ways of connecting with others within the supply chain industry. For instance, you can now find regular updates on the news page of our site, or by following Amy Shortman and Henry Moran on LinkedIn.  We also have big plans for further development over the coming year, including our Online Training, which is due to be launched at the start of 2017. We are hugely passionate about sharing knowledge and resources, and cannot wait to build even more connections over the next 12 months.

Of course all of these achievements would not have been possible without our fantastic associates and clients, and so we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have worked with us and supported us on this journey. It has been wonderful working with you and we look forward to many more years of collaborating with you. We value each and every one of you and will continue to strive to offer you excellence in all that we do.

The Potential Impact of Brexit to Your Supply Chain

The Potential Impact of Brexit to Your Supply Chain

Following on from the very recent vote for Britain to leave the EU, here are our top tips to consider for your supply chain.

  1. Customs Clearance – The re-introduction of UK Customs Clearance is a possibility. We would recommend that you run a health check over your Tariff Codes, ensuring that they are up to date and reflect the commodity you are importing or exporting.
  2. Customs Regimes – If you are operating under any Customs Regimes, now would be a good time to explore what impact the EU vote might have. Are your regimes still valid or do you need to implement new ones? Make sure you pause to understand the impact before you make any changes.
  3. UK Border Enforcement – The potential enforcement of the UK border may well impact transit times through ports and airports. Stay up-to-date with developments to ensure that you limit any effect this may have on your Supply Chain.
  4. Time and Temperature Shipments – For Time and Temperature Sensitive Products, including pharmaceutical shipments, we would strongly recommend you conduct a robust risk assessment for both the security and potential temperature impacts on your products. Longer transit times could mean heightened risk.
  5. Collaboration – Finally, now is the time to ensure that you are communicating and collaborating with all of your supply chain stakeholders – the more dialogue and knowledge you have, the more robust the chain will be.

Change is never easy and the uncertainty of what the future may look like is an added difficulty. Unification of key stakeholders, and a cohesive project plan to mitigate risk and adapt to new legislative and regulatory compliance is critical to securing a safe and effective supply chain.

ASC Associates provide a range of services which could help you navigate the uncertainty that lies ahead. Why not contact us to find out more.